Why Learning Outside The Normal School Environment Is Beneficial.

As parents when we think back to when we were younger, our parents were always encouraging us to get outside because the sun was shining and why was it that we wanted to be spending time indoors. We don’t get a lot of sunshine in the United Kingdom and so it makes perfect sense that if the sun does peek out from behind the clouds that we should be outside where we are getting essential vitamin D and fresh air. It makes sense then that learning outside would be equally beneficial and yet many schools up and down the country continue to confine learning to the four walls of the classroom.

Maybe it’s time that your students enjoyed an Expedition that takes them outside school grounds and to somewhere where they can really learn by doing. There are been many studies on this subject and it is fair to say that there are positive psychological, social and learning benefits to bringing your students outside. If you have never contemplated bringing the kids outside on one of the many Expedition tours then maybe the benefits of doing so can help you to make a wise decision when it comes to the education of your students and your goals as an educator.

  • It boosts overall performance – The statistics are definitely in and they prove that children who are taken outside to learn on a Tour expedition tend to improve upon their test scores by just under 30%. They also experience higher levels of self-esteem and they are able to get on much better with their fellow students. Problem-solving skills become stronger on student tours UK and children are a lot more motivated to learn when they are outside. As a teacher, you will find that your kids behave a lot better when they are outside learning.
  • It’s good for overall development – It is through the children work much better when they are put into groups and especially when they are outside and on student trips to Europe. Remember that your kids sit at the same desk every single day in the same role and they don’t get a sense of freedom at all. Learning outside helps children to become more creative, more independent and the confidence levels go through the roof.

Hopefully these two reasons have convinced you of the positives of taking kids to learn outside the normal school environment.

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