Tips for trading in CFD

There are brokers that won’t allow you to manually lower the leverage. In such case, you might want to consider lower your trade position while trading in Singapore. Whatever the case, always ensure that you are aware of your risk exposure and much more by embracing the following tips:

Do your homework

Your neighbor brags about the amount she makes on bitcoin trading. That does not automatically mean that she has a chance to repeat the performance, and it doesn’t also mean that you need to jump right in and start trading in bitcoins as well as if your life depends on it. You need to first read the research reports, check various articles which are on the topic, and perform your own analysis – technical, fundamental or even both.|

Come up with a trading strategy

Ensure that you set up a strategy for each trade before opening it. an example is where you need to consider in advance where you should close your position – both in the worst case scenario and best case scenario. You have to think about the likely scenarios of the way your investment might perform. What happens if your underlying price increases by 5% or it falls by 5%?

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