Knowing in detail about the features of recruitment agencies

When people in and around Singapore talk about recruitment agencies there is a lot of confusion, this is because there are many agencies in the country and it is difficult for people to choose one find jobs. And for such people we are here to provide some information regarding recruitment agencies and the features of these agencies. Through this article our readers can decide which recruitment agencies to choose. Let us now look at the meaning and some features of recruitment agencies.

Meaning of recruitment Agencies

A recruitment agency is a firm that is outside the business and organisations. It is a firm where people can go and find jobs and employers can find candidates that might match their need. Recruitment agencies are not employment agencies, both are different firms. A person who gets a job through recruitment agencies becomes an employee of the employer, but a person who gets a job through an employment agency becomes an employee of the employment agency. When it comes recruitment agencies, they get a list of vacancies from employers and later they put on adverts on internet and social media platforms. These agencies are always on the lookout for new and updated CV’s to be uploaded to the internet job boards. The main reason for this process is because the agencies have a fear that they may not get paid. If a person sees an ad and directly applies to the job to the company, the recruitment agency may not get its fee. And so it present its name and then forwards the persons detail to the employer. This is how some of the famous recruitment agency like IT Recruitment Singapore works.

Features of Recruitment Agencies

There are many undeniable features when it comes to using a recruitment agency and here we are to mention a few. Let us now look at some of these features below.

Market Knowledge

A job of recruitment consultant is to keep all the latest new, developments and even the current affairs updated up to date. This helps in knowing the daily happenings in the industry they are recruiting for. A recruitment agency will be able to help candidates with the salary bench-making. These agencies will know what the rate is right now and also know whether the skills of the candidate is in shortage or even surplus and even know how this might affect the chances of the candidate getting recruited.

Recruitment Knowledge

All recruitment agencies are way better than the other one when compared to each other in recruiting in general terms. The only work for these agencies if only recruitment and so it is important for them to have all the knowledge and information about recruitment.

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