Factors to check before finalizing a courier partner

You should check the following before choosing a carousell courier company to deliver the products ordered by your e-commerce customers.


Every courier company will have different requirements for the products to get delivered to the desired locations. Your products will be of a particular size and they may need special safety elements while shipping. Your delivery location may vary. All these elements will affect the overall pricing for the service and there is no way to guess it yourself. So, you should ask the company and confirm the pricing beforehand. You can feel free to look for another company if the pricing seems unacceptable.

Mode of delivery

You may know that there are three ways to transfer a product from one place to another. The courier company may be using all of them (air, sea, and road). Else, they would use certain ways alone. It is better to know the mode of delivery to have clarity of the process.

Time of delivery

Some companies may offer speed delivery services, while they will constantly be sending the products with an ordinary timing. It is advisable to know both of these timings as you should choose the time of delivery according to the promise made to the customer.

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