Everything you should know about Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is a type of construction wherein it is made up of brick units bonded together with mortar. Different types of bricks and several mortars can be used to carry out the brick masonry. The credibility and the strength of the brick masonry highly dependent upon the quality of brick used and the quality of the mortar used. The brick masonry is superior to other construction methods as the method used during this construction is one of the best types of construction methods. In this construction type, the bricks are placed systematically to ensure a solid mass withstand any high pressure type.

Types of brick masonry

Cement brickwork

The cement brickwork in brick masonry construction is used in regions without much rainfall. The bricks in the cement brickwork are laid firstly in cement before the construction work. This brick masonry construction involves four classwork in cement the first-class brick, the second class brick, the third class brick, and the fourth class brick. Instead of the mud, the brick is made to lay on the cement before building a mortar.

Mud brickwork

It is considered to be the cheapest type of brick masonry construction and is one of the best options for people looking for brick masonry construction under a tight budget. This type of construction is used to construct a wall with a maximum height of 4 meters. The bricks are laid in the mud framework before the construction of the wall or mortar. Mud is used to fill in the various joints present in the masonry work and the thickness of the mud mortar joints is almost around 12 mm.

Benefits of brick masonry construction

  • Brick masonry is comparatively cheaper than stone masonry, making it affordable for anyone aiming or looking for construction.
  • The bricks don’t weigh much which reduces the use of lifting equipment for brickwork. There is no use or requirement for lifting equipment during the brickwork in the brick masonry construction.
  • This type of brickwork is more durable and strong and also requires less skilled labourers to make the brick and it is not that complicated.
  • The brick is available almost anywhere which is great because there is no additional transportation cost.
  • The masonry construction is highly resistant against rotting, pests, weather, and natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes

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