Why are workers’ comp claims denied? Find here!

In Arizona, employers are required to have workers’ comp insurance. This is a no-fault insurance system, so an injured worker can get compensated for their medical bills and wage losses, no matter what caused the accident. When it comes to workers’ comp claims, it is important for the injured worker to take necessary steps and submit their claim with the Industrial Commission of Arizona. In the best interests, it is also wise for an injured worker to seek legal counsel. Working with the right Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer can help in getting a fair settlement. In this post, we are sharing more on why claims are denied in the first place. 

  1. Not informing the employer. If you were injured at work, it is extremely important that you file a written report about the accident with all relevant details. Even when the injuries are not serious to prevent you from working, you must still file a report. Also, this must be done within a reasonable time. 
  2. Not following rules and regulations. Although workers’ comp is a no-fault insurance, employees are still expected to follow necessary rules and regulations at the workplace. If an employee intentionally violated one of these rules and the employer can prove the same, the eventual workers’ comp claim can be denied. 
  3. Because the injury was off-site. Workers’ compensation covers at the job. If the injury happened somewhere else and cannot be linked to the job of the worker, the claim will be denied in all likeliness. For instance, if you were injured in a car accident while going to work, you cannot expect to win a workers’ comp claim. 

Do you need a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Ideally, it is wise to engage a workers’ compensation lawyer for your claim. While your employer may not have a bad intention, insurance companies are never on your side. They would try to deny or delay a claim on reasons that may sound flimsy. Also, if the claims adjuster decides to make an offer, it is likely to be less than what you deserve. Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is about increasing your chances of getting a better settlement. Also, a lawyer can handle the paperwork and negotiation, so you can sit back home and focus on your recovery. 

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