What small businesses can do to enhance their IT security


Both large and small companies indeed get attacked by hackers and other internet breaches but research has found that small businesses are the most affected. This is because many small businesses and companies lack the resources to help them combat IT security risks. To help your small business, here is what you can do

Educating your employees

The first thing that you can do to prevent any attacks is to make sure that you have educated your employees very well. If possible, you should come up with IT security singapore plan and make sure it reaches all your employees. It can be training, education awareness, external downloads, and general security among other things.

Redundancy of data

The first important thing to do is to analyze how information is stored. Check if critical information is stored in one location or several locations. If data is stored in one location, you should consider how the data will be affected just in case of malware or any other attack. Attacks such as ransomware can cripple your company or business. Therefore, do not store your data in one location.

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