Things to Take Care Of Before Your Mover Arrives Home (Besides De-cluttering)

When someone thinks of moving, the first thing that comes to mind is to get rid of the duplicate and not so important stuff. However, choosing from the local movers in Toronto and sorting things out is just the beginning of the venture. Even if you have hired professionals, there remain too many jobs to handle on your own. You need to prepare your home to move. This is something the professionals might not be able to do. Here’s a lowdown on what you can do to make the moving project easier for your helping hands.

Prepare the inventory

Having a room-by-room inventory for your belongings would make it easier to keep track of your things. It can also assist in documenting your items in case something goes missing or gets damaged. Preferably, make different sheets for each of your rooms.

Your inventory list might contain:

  1. Photocopies of all your important documents.
  2. Images and records of your belongings. You can easily make it with your phone.

There are also many apps available that help to create moving inventory. You might want to use any of them.

Think About Your Pets

Your future and pawed friends might not like the idea of movers running to and fro with big packing boxes. That is why it is important to keep them contained in a definite place. There are several services available to keep your pet safe and happy when you are moving. At least, consider creating a gate along with a room where your pets would remain confined. And make sure to assign someone to keep a check on them. And if you have really small souls, then consider a crate so that it can travel with you.

Assign a Baby Sitter

Juggling between kids and movers might not be a very pleasant thing to accomplish. So before the team of local moving companies in Toronto arrive at your doorstep, make sure to send the children to someone you can rely on. If possible, call your friends or family to watch over the youngsters. Otherwise, hire a babysitter to look them after.

Measure Your Doors

This is imperative to make sure that your furniture would effortlessly glide through them. Also, measure your doors along the narrow corridors, steep flights, and sharp turns. If you have a bulky piece of furniture and the doorways are relatively narrow, it is best to let your service providers know beforehand.

Insurance Matters

All reliable packing and moving service providers would be fully insured. However, on your part, ensure that you have comprehended all the provisions and the types of liability protection they have to offer.

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