The A-Z about Enrobing That Every Chocolatier Should Know

Everyone has tasted enrobed chocolates without knowing that they are enrobed. So, what’s enrobing? It’s a coating process, where the center of the chocolate is created first, which is then coated (or enrobed) with molten chocolate all around.

You can either dip the center into molten chocolate, but the finished product may not look as attractive as the one passed under a chocolate curtain in a chocolate enrobing machine, which is also the easiest way of coating the center.

For a small confectionery with a short chain of customers, you can carry on with the hand-dipping, but you certainly wouldn’t want your business to be a small one forever, right? So getting a chocolate enrober can improve your chances of increasing your production, thus attracting more customers to your store.

But before that, let’s give you an idea about enrobing, it’s benefits and the proper way to do it. Scroll on!

Allows diverse decorations

Enrobing allows you to decorate your chocolate in numerous ways with herbs, gold leaves, spices, fork marks, cocoa butter, etc. You can decorate them more efficiently with an enrober than with your hands.

The crisper the more delicious

The thin covering of enrobed chocolates made in the machine is delicious to devour, as it’s way crisper than the ones coated manually. They also look perfect from every angle, thus ending up on the customers’ plate more.

Only buying a machine won’t help

A chocolatier should also know that buying an enrobing machine is not enough to create the perfect-looking enrobed delicacies. You should prevent pooling of molten chocolate at the bottom and allow only a thin, crispy layer to remain on the chocolate while enrobing it. This can be achieved through proper cooling, which should be controlled to enhance the appearance of the finished product. if all goes well, you’ll end up having lustrous, glossy products, instead of dull, unattractive ones.

However, you should also remember that the size of the center should be large enough to pass off the enrobing belt without any hassle. You can coat chocolate centers like ganaches, candied fruits, and honeycomb in the machine, but make sure that they are of the right size.

Chocolate making is not an easy task and not simple. There’s a reason why these chocolates are such endorphin-releasing food items that can make anyone happy in an instant. So make sure, you do your job properly and use the right machinery for it. If you need help, you can get in touch with a reliable supplier of such equipment and seek advice before making a purchase.

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